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Critical Components of Semantic Web Technology June 30, 2011

Posted by zaffkea in Summer 2011 1st Session.

Semantic web technology is all about organizing data and making it accessible. In this online seminar we have looked at a number of upcoming technologies that are emerging like OWL, SPARQL, triplestores, DBpedia, Protégé, etc. I think these technologies and others like them are really going to empower the average person by giving them access not only to more data, but to more accurate data and more specific data.

One application of the semantic web that I think would be really useful in the marketing industry is associating people’s purchasing preferences with their taste in music, clothing, etc. I realize that Amazon.com is already sort of doing this with their ‘people who bought this, also bought: ___’ feature, but I think the semantic web could really take it up a notch.

Let’s say you own a motorcycle dealership, and someone walks in and says they want to buy a motorcycle, but they can’t make up their mind. You could sit down with your confused customer with a semantic web app and input data about things they know they like already – foods, music, movies, etc. Then the app would return a picture of their ideal motorcycle based on their other preferences. You could even take it so far as to customize that motorcycle, for example, someone who likes one type of music might want a lot of chrome on his or her motorcycle, whereas someone who likes another type might want everything to be blacked out.



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