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Why Semantic Web MAY have a major impact on ISR data mining June 30, 2011

Posted by 3562pittena in Summer 2011 1st Session.

The Critical Components of Semantic Web Technology

In my opinion, the whole idea of the semantic web is the interconnection of data on the web. It about having a computer know how certain elements of data relate to other elements simply by marking them up that way. In order to do this, some of the components of the semantic web are RDF and OWL, then use SPARQL to query the data sources. RDF is a language used to model the data on the web page and OWL is used to express relationships between those models. The relationships made in OWL are much more complex than just a 1-to-1 relationship or other simple relationships. They can be one of many different relationships.

Possible Application of the Semantic Web

One application our business could potentially be working on is something called ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance). The idea is to send out a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) into a hostile territory, take surveillance images, then come back and report data to the “home base”. The problem they currently have is the pure amount of data that comes back from the UAV. They come back with RACKS of hard drives full of images taken from 10000-15000 ft. Now the “home base” must go through all the images withing 72 hours of the time the picture was taken otherwise the data becomes obsolete. Even then, data the is 24 hours old for a moving target is already too old. One can imaging that someone’s job in the Armed Forces could be to simply analyze data.

In order to simplify this process, what if we could take the data and simplify it so that the person analyzing the data only saw what they wanted to see. If we could pull out objects in the images (truck, person, car, building, etc) then relate that data together geographically (also using time as a scale…so a car in one place could be in a different place later in time, but it is the same car) then we could greatly reduce the amount of work the data analyzer does.

This seems like a “Big Data” problem but I could see the semantic web technology coming into play. There are many relationships that need to be made for all this data and if we could relate all the data automatically, then mine that data for relationships (like “truck near building X at time Y”) then the data analysis would take a significant less amount of time.



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