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Why Semantic Web Technology Will Have a Major Impact on Stock Trading June 30, 2011

Posted by rzmuedu in Summer 2011 1st Session.

The critical components of Semantic Web Technology includes data that are stored in the network and linked together, the model describing the data, and the query language that can be used to extract these data. In more detail, the data stored in the network must have been meaningfully described by a language such as RDF to construct a data model, which means forming the links between data. Some typical structure can be defined by using XML or Turtle. Other language such OWL extends the vocabulary for describing the data’s properties, relationships, equalities, etc. The data model can be accessed by query language for semantic web such as SPARQL to query the web data sources and displaying them in some formatted way defined by user.

Stocking trading is a complicated decision making process requiring tons of information to analyze. I think semantic web technology will have a positive impact on applications developed to assist stocking trading decision makings. Semantic web technology can be applied to extract data from the network more quickly and efficiently. The things to be extracted can be press release, news, important figures, even blog posts and twits related to a specific stock. Then an application can analyze these data by applying however sophisticated algorithms or theories to come up with a trend of the stock with a probability or something to help the security traders making a decision.



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