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Why Semantic Technology Will Have a Major Impact on ‘Online’Shopping. July 4, 2011

Posted by mohammedsaati in Summer 2011 1st Session.

Semantic Technology is the technology of what is related to meaning in language or logic. Starting from this logic in a structured organization, what does that mean to us?

It means the elimination of the need of change and re-writing the data to accommodate other meanings by just applying layers of relationships that point out to that meaning.

By that, we conserve manpower, cost and time that we need for re-writes and relating.

Most tools on the market nowadays are black boxes. You don’t know how they operate and cannot modify them. Developers need semantic tools that give you a fast start and preserve the flexibility to generate answers as unique as the market demands.

Using Semantic Technology in online shopping or shopping in general well definitely have a positive and enhanced experience to both vendors and shoppers. For a shopper, who for example is looking for a new laptop and thinking about it. What kind of model do I want? What processor power is good and enough?

These are simple questions that users might think about. Before, we had to go and check every vendor’s website and note down their prices and configuration. Now, it only needs the easy search of semantic words of what his/her needs are. For example alternative to searching each vendor’s website, we can search Google for “good laptop 500 – 1000 dollars”, and all companies well be competing to show results that they think you are asking for. Which are what we exactly searched for.

Not only that, going from there we can link all data to find and compare other products that are related to the first search to begin with.



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