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Five trend that every software engineer ought to know December 17, 2011

Posted by rzmuedu in Software Engineering.

Real Analytics

Information plays a critical role in the success of business. As businesses already saw the importance of information automation, the next step is real analytics of information. The information gathered by automation is huge. Without good analysis, the useful information for business growth is buried with noise and only real analytics can solve this. In order to do that, software programming faces the challenge to develop more sophisticated and more efficient algorithms to dig through large amount of information and extract useful data. This may also require redesign of software architecture. It also poses a challenge in managing large amount of information.

Social Computing

Teamwork is important in business. Therefore so is networking.  Social computing is the product of the development of internet and networking. This is sword has two sides of blades. It boosts communication and may be distraction to productivity. To better manage this trend, it requires the business to develop new processes and hierarchies to accommodate the rapid change and individual voice. For software programming, how to embed those new processes to better serve the business is the main task to conquer.

User engagement

No matter how good of a product, if no one appreciates it, it has no value. User engagement is one key to develop product that are attractive to user. It must be intuitive, integrated, portable, and proactively designed. As for software programming, it means users involvement or mindset starts from the very beginning. It will has its presents through the entire development lifecycle from design to implementation to testing and to release.

Applied Mobility

Mobile computing is another rising area in business. Mobile solutions provide extend coverage to existing products by placing a mobile veneer of existing offering. It covers transactional, analytical and social computing capabilities. This is a new challenge to software programming as it doesn’t fit in the traditional environment. It involves new design from operating system to application. Different design of simpler but still powerful UI. Distributed computing and more use of the powerful cloud are all new things to software programming.

Capability Clouds

The cloud is powerful. It uses the distributed computing concept to create large processing ability and provides service to different level of end users. The service can be as small as application and as large as operating system. It also greatly reduces the cost for new and small businesses. However, there are many risks in applying clouds in a business world. How to prevent different users’ information from leaking to other user? How to grant and monitor correct accessing rights? The powerful cloud brought many challenges to software programming. The design is no longer the same since end user only needs an interface and all the computing is performed at the cloud. Legal challenge is the most difficult to solve as it is so critic to business to protect their IP.



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