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Bluetooth Technology; the Unsung Hero February 12, 2013

Posted by danthomas3 in Mobility.

Each new year inflates anticipation of new consumer electronics and technology at annual events like the Consumer Electronics Show and other private auditorium-filled venues from technology giants like Microsoft, Apple, Sony, etc. A considerable amount of freelance engineers are represented at larger technology conventions of innovation hoping their technology wizardry outshines larger fish sharing the pond. Free market consumers and technology bloggers are equally salivating for the latest technological gadget that pushes the envelope well beyond the previous years’ now considered stale technology. What could possibly come next from the theorized fruits of Moore’s Law a mere one year later?

Predictably technology engineers continue to unveil more energy efficient and sophisticated general and gaming processors including networking devices with increased agility and throughput. Form factors have gotten significantly slimmer and conspicuously more appealing. Boastful are the jubilations by the science of fitting more pixels, thus having more clarity, in devices with displays and cameras. Larger companies manage to offer these latest gadgets at prices matching other similar mainstream products sometimes with not much price inflation at all. During each year’s unveiling, there seems to be something understated with the latest developments in Bluetooth potentials, aside from audio transmission.

I would pit many of the aforementioned engineering feats to inventions like the automobile considering that consumers are able to do more, faster and with relatively more portability. But what about accessibility and universalism, with the latter piquing reluctancy for profit-crazed exchangers?

Bluetooth wireless technology aims to serve as the universal low cost, user friendly, omnidirectional air interface that will replace a plethora of propriety cables that people need to carry and use to connect their personal devices [1]. The latest protocol stack supports up to 128 kb/s audio transmission, so transmitting packets outside this use is certainly feasible perhaps exploiting the control path of the Bluetooth protocol stack. Basic seriated layers of identification and addressing are present. The push is for developers to leverage infrastructure-less technology in applications to support a non-exhausted list of features like P2P gaming, file sharing, and resource discovery. Maybe this reawakened Bluetooth investment from developers would amplify the latest consumables of Bluetooth at electronic shows as its hosted machinery undoubtedly evolves.

[1] Bisdikian, Chatschik. An Overview of the Bluetooth Wireless Technology. IBM Corporation



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