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Virtual Security Folders September 13, 2013

Posted by cgreigmu06 in Security.

The protection of information has its beginnings in the initial creation of file location structure in a computing system.  When reading the article “The Protection of Information in Computer Systems” by Jerome Saltzer and Michael D. Schroeder [1].  The one thing that was talked about was how individual or group used settings could be setup or created.  Though the concept sounded farfetched and new forty years ago the basic ideas are still being used today in many places of work, home and school settings.  Now days one can have many different instances of virtual disk drives that users are granted right to either create or view various documents in that location.  There is the ability to see who or what has rights to these virtual locations.  Though there is still the problem of documents being inadvertently either good or bad to be copied or corrupted and not knowing exactly who the user or group was that caused the issue.  Some newer software for example Microsoft SharePoint has led to a more secure environment, but there are still some of the same issues that were talked about forty years that still remain today in regards to security folder restricts.


 [1] Saltzer, Jerome and Schroeder,  Michael D.” The Protection of Information in Computer Systems”. Sept. 1975; 1278 – 1308. Available from: Proceedings of the IEEE  (Volume:63 ,  Issue: 9 )



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