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Computer Worms November 11, 2013

Posted by Marybeth in Security.

The article “The Internet Worm Program: An Analysis” by Eugene H. Spafford, was written about a computer worm program which was launched on November 2, 1988. This worm spread to thousands of machines and disrupted normal internet operations. The article’s reference on how the nature of the internet helped to defeat the worm, as well as to spread it, is very much true today. Worms are still a common occurrence on the internet. I often see “worm generated” emails in my email folder. The emails may have been sent from spammers who have accessed an unsuspecting friend or contact’s email account. Another likelihood is that spammers are sending the emails from elsewhere, but have forged a friend or contact’s email address as the reply-to address. Self mailing viruses often take addresses from contact lists, but do not show the address of the actual infected computer’s account. This is to keep the worm from being hastily detected and removed. The article referred to how people notified each other of what was happening. This communication helped to stop the spread of the worm and it is still effective today. Advise the people on your contact list if your email account is ever compromised by a worm. If people avoid clicking on the worm generated link, and just delete the email, it will help to stop the spread of the worm.



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