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Integrating Security into System Development November 23, 2013

Posted by cgreigmu06 in Security.

When developing a new system, security should be one of the main concerns though out the life of the design.  Systems succeed and fail on how security is implemented.  Systems that are designed with security in mind will have a higher chance of succeeding than systems that ignore this step in the design process.  The more and more thought that is put into security for a system the design will be both helpful and useful.  The following points should be taken when designing security into your new system design [1].

  • Planning early will not only save you time but most importantly money.
  • Having security already built in will make it easier to upgrade to new regulations.
  • Laws need to be taken into consideration (Computer Security Act of 1987) when designing.
  • A sound plan will make implementing security helpful in the overall design.
  • A system without security will be vulnerable to unwanted threats.
  • Protecting your system is vital to the overall success of the system.

Overall, without some type of security integrated into your system the system will be at a competitive disadvantaged against the competition.  Security should not be a step that is taken lightly.  The data that a system holds is very important not only to the user, but also the company’s bottom line.  A design flaw of the actual system though bad is not as critical as a design flaw in the security of a system [2].  The data in the system should be protected as safely and correctly as possible.  Bad PR due to leaking of private data will have a much greater impact on a system then an incorrect system feature.  Security is a key aspect of a systems design life cycle.


[1] Guttman, Barbara and Edward Roback, “Special Publication 800-12: An Introduction to Computer Security: The NIST Handbook”, NIST, Chapter 8, available online at:  http://csrc.nist.gov/publications/nistpubs/800-12/800-12-html/chapter8.html

[2] “IBM Security: Intelligence, Integration, Expertise”, IBM Software, June 2012, available online at:  http://public.dhe.ibm.com/software/in/events/softwareuniverse/resources/IBM_Security_Intelligence_Integration_Expertise.pdf



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