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Security Concerns December 1, 2013

Posted by markwhylie in Security.


Throughout the system development process, it is important for security concerns to be a integral step. I can reflect back on a summer job that I held a few years ago installing various networked computer systems in public library’s and school library’s. Our company was contracted to essentially remove old deprecated computers and networking devices and upgrade to newer hardware. I can reflect on a particular job where we were asked to introduce a wireless network which would allow for guests to access the library’s internal catalog. The library’s IT department selected some wireless hardware strictly with cost in mind and completely neglected the importance of maintaining the same level of security as it existed before introducing wireless. In short, what ended up occurring was that the wireless hardware lacked support for any secured wireless protocol and it allowed unauthorized personnel into the internal library network where anyone could modify catalog entries, access billing information etc.  If these secuirity concerns were considered throughout the system development process, then we may have been able to mitigate some of these concerns.



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