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Mobile Security December 4, 2013

Posted by Marybeth in Security.

The article “10 Best Practices for Mobile Device Security”, by Ericka Chickowski, offers some excellent advice on mobile security. Taking the initiative to oversee mobile devices would be a great benefit to an organization. With so much sensitive information at stake, why would an organization want to be at ease when it comes to handling mobile security? Complacency just invites the hackers and thieves into the organization.
Purchasing a uniform set of devices within the enterprise is a great start to managing mobile security risks. It is important for organizations to develop a consistent policy to handle mobile security and to make sure that the policy is strictly enforced. Encryption is an absolute must, even though it is a bit of a bother to turn it on. I am sure I am not the only one who has ever lost a mobile device due to carelessness. This is why authentication is so important. If a phone is ever lost or stolen, authentication would make it difficult for an unauthorized user to access information.
Third-party applications represent a significant threat to security and should be strictly limited. Firewalls need to have a policy set in place to handle the mobile device traffic, too. Stricter settings should be used to limit who has access to the data, blocking the users who have no need to employ it. Bluetooth is vulnerable in a number of different ways. It should be disabled when it is not in use. Using an anti-virus and intrusion prevention software for mobile devices is also excellent advice from the article.



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