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Mobile Security April 13, 2015

Posted by melihbilen in Security.

Most people don’t see mobile devices vulnerable as much as they see their computers. They mainly focus on security in their computers. They buy and install anti-virus programs, regularly they scan their devices. However, we are using our mobile devices more and more as time passes. Mobile devices steal role from computers. We use our mobile devices for both business and personal purposes. Why we don’t pay that much attention to security issues in our devices? Actually there are some basic rules you can apply when you are using mobile devices if you want to be secure. In the article  “10 Best Practices for Mobile Device Security”, Ericka Chickowski groups these actions under 10 main principles.

1)      Choose Devices Carefully

2)      Turn On Encryption

3)      Require Authentication

4)      Utilize Remote Wipe Capabilities

5)      Set Up a Lost Phone Hotline

6)      Control Third-Party Apps

7)      Set Unique Firewall Policies

8)      Use Intrusion Prevention Software

9)      Keep an Open Mind About AV(Anti Virus)

10)  Shore Up Bluetooth

I’m not going to talk about each one of them so I want to focus on couple of them which seems to be more crucial. Requiring authentication is very important since many people do not put necessary effort to protect their devices. Defining a secure enough pass code is very simple and powerful action which you can do first. We live in app based world. Without having application in our smart devices, they would be pretty useless. Therefore, we should be extremely conscious when we are installing and granting access to third party applications. Applications generally ask for permission to have access your personal data like contacts, pictures etc. If we do not know that much about the developer of that application or we are not sure about why that application wants to access personal data , then we shouldn’t allow that app to have permission to see our personal data. We shouldn’t just click yes, yes, ok then finish button.  These two ones are really simple and easy to apply tricks when you are using a mobile device. If you want to see more information about you can check the link in the references.


[1] http://www.baselinemag.com/c/a/Mobile-and-Wireless/10-Best-Practices-for-Mobile-Device-Security/1/



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