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Are Internet of Things Impacting you? May 6, 2016

Posted by Dawn Turzinski in 2016 Trends.

Have you ever just stopped and looked around you and wondered what things/devices are impacting your everyday life? And look at how it has evolved over the years and what has changed? Who would have thought that Cell phones, Computers (Laptop/tablet), Cars and other gadgets; where they have come from and where they are going! The concept of Internet of Things is becoming a hot topic in our everyday life. So what is Internet of Things?  It is a network of devices or physical objects that have embedded sensors/software that can connected to a network. This connection allows these objects to collect/store and exchange the data with other platforms. [1] As I sat in my car this morning, I thought of what Internet of things am I currently using? I started to list them. IPhone, IPad, Fitbit, GPS, Laptop, Car/Cam Senor for backing up, Bluetooth. As you sit there and think about the scope of this trend it is literally exploding before your eyes.

So we ask why this trend is exploding. Since the cost of broadband Internet has been decreasing, more devices are being built with Wi-fi capabilities and sensors built in them. As a whole you see technology costs going down and smartphone penetration is sky-rocketing. All of these things are creating a perfect environment for IOT.

“The Analyst Gartner predicts by 2020 there will be over 26 billion connected devices”.   So, where are we going with IOT?   Some examples include, health wellbeing; FitBit, Apple Watch, the Owlet (baby health monitor), monitor for aging family member, monitor for medication.   For your home; you can manage your heating and cooling of your house, oven, tracking your keys, house lighting, home resource disaster deterrent and plant monitor. For the City; we have recycle collection station, parking sensor, pollution warnings, electricity usage monitor and street light monitor. For industry; maintain and repair equipment monitors, retail vendor sales analyst monitor (monitors how customers are interacting with their products), monitor building support structure, farmer soil tracking, and monitors for maintaining quality consistency for manufactures. And finally for the environment; we have monitors for pollution levels. Track water, protect wildlife, landslide monitor, deforester tracker and know the variables of bee behavior. [3]

All of these things will be impacting and transforming the industry and changing the way we live and work. So how does all this impact you? Well for example; you are running late and stuck in traffic. Your car could send a text message to the parties and also find you the fasted route to your destination. Your phone could send a messages after you wake up to start the coffee brewing. What if your office equipment knew it was running low on supplies and automatically re-ordered it for you? What if your health device could tell you when you are at your most active and productive time and share that information to be analyzed? [2]

There have been advances in other areas that also contribute to this trend moving forward. Such other trend is big data. Now, think about this we have all of this data coming from all of these IOT gadgets; where is the data going. It is being stored somewhere to be analyzed by some form of data mining analytic tool. With the advances in Big Data will help the organizations store/analyze and query this data to get the most accurate results of their IOT implementation.  [4]   Do we really want to go where this trend is taking us? Here is something to think about? For example, you have the health application on your phone. In which you could input some of your private information on there. Is your phone secure? Is this data safe? Is this being shared with anyone? Well, where we are going with this is your information is going to be shared and analyzed. Maybe in the future, they could predict when you are going to be sick and send you a message on what to look out for?

With this emergence of IOT becomes some challenges that an organization will face and that will be security, skill set and organization vision/goals.  As I see this trend moving in the future, ones organization vision/goals need to align with moving toward more IOT to become a leader in that industry.  That organization will need to research and analyze if the benefits outweigh the cost.  Once working with the Vendors’; good communication needs to be successful in order to properly effectively implement your IOT solution and bring the best return on investment back to the organization.  With all these advances coming down I see the resource skill set will need to updated and kept in pace with this technology advancements so they don’t get behind.  Security is big, and with all of these devices coming on board to the network comes vulnerabilities that the security team needs to address.  One needs to keep up to date with the newest security software/trends in order to properly protect the infrastructure for a potential hack.  [4]   Effective strong organization structure with the proper goals will allow the organization to be successful with any IOT implementation. And we ask the question; what will the trends bring us tomorrow?



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