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Mobile Device May 6, 2016

Posted by yuboli in 2016 Trends.
  1. Definition

The trend I choose to describe is the mobile device. The mobile device is a kind of small device which people can handheld it [1]. Usually, it has display screen and touch input or keyboard (not all of them). This kind of device outfit some technologies, such as GPS, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and so on [1]. Some mobile devices need to be connected to the internet so that people can gain the information from the internet through the device, such as mobile phones. But some of them do not need to be connected to the internet, for example, sports bracelet can record people’s sports data without internet. To track the location, it only needs the GPS. Mobile device includes wearable devices, but not only wearable device. Wearable devices usually are used by people, but another type of devices can be used not only by people, such as vehicles.


  1. Scope of Potential Impact

Although mobile device technology is a kind of new technology, it is everywhere nowadays. It is influencing people’s daily life. Such as the mobile phone, for the international students, they maybe go home once a year. In the past, when they miss their family, what they only can do was see the photograph of them. But now, they can make a phone call or have a video chat everywhere by using the mobile phone, for example, when they walk around the lake, they can share the landscape with their family through the video chat. The mobile device also has an impact on medicine. The doctor can follow-up a medical test when the patient is at home because a wearable device is equipped on the patient [2], such as the heart rate monitor. However, there are also some negative impacts about the mobile device. The device is easy to be handled, meanwhile, it is also easy to be lost. Once it is lost, people’s personal information, such as identity and credit card information, will be leaked [3]. It is a problem about the security. Additionally, most of mobile devices can connect to the internet. It is easy for the hackers to attack the devices. For mobile phone, phone conversations can easily be overheard [3]. As a result, mobile devices have both positive and negative impacts.


  1. Evidence of Growth and Current State

An example about the evidence of growth in mobile device is from my own. I brought a new car last month. I choose the Progressive Casualty Insurance Company for my car. Normally, the payment depends on what kind of car I have, what is my job and how many miles I will drive during a year and so on. This usually is confirmed when I quoted the price. And that’s the step I have. However, after one week, I received a snapshot from the Progressive. It said that if I choose to plug the device into my car, I will have an opportunity to have discount based on my save driving. Because this mobile device can collect information about how I drive, how much I drive and when I drive. The better I drive, the more discount I can have. But if I have a risky driving habits, such as slam brakes, high speed, probably my bill will increase [4]. Another evidence is Mobile Payment. Mobile payment is based on the mobile phone. In China, lots of people use Alipay. If we download the Alipay app, we can pay the payment everywhere. More easily, each transaction will generate a QR code, we can pay the payment only by scanning the QR code.


  1. Summary Statement

In my memory, the first mobile device which I have heard (except mobile phone) is the pedometer. The device doesn’t have many functions like today. It’s only 15 years up to now. But the mobile devices have all kinds of functions, such as heart rate measurement. Additionally, today’s mobile device not only be used in our daily life, but also in many fields, such as medical science. As the result, we can see the mobile device is developed very fast. In my opinion, the technology based on the mobile device will continue to be improved. We all happy that they are improving, but meanwhile, we also should pay attention to the negative impact, such as security.


[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobile_device

[2] http://www.zdnet.com/article/mobile-technology-the-amazing-impact-on-our-lives/

[3] https://ist.mit.edu/security/mobile_devices

[4] https://www.progressive.com/auto/snapshot-common-questions/




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