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2016 – IT TREND: (Cloud Computing): May 7, 2016

Posted by Vijaya Lakshmi Chennamsetti in 2016 Trends.

In the field of Information Technology (IT) we have been seeing many trends surfacing and disappearing during the past 3 decades. Mostly this is one of the areas/field which has witnessed in past and also into future trends getting and out at a very fast pace in history. Out of the many current trends I would like to choose Cloud Computing/Services trend into 2016 and future.

Organizations and People live in a computer-world and the need is for not only enough storage to save their data but also in mobile way. Decades ago this need got started to be met by the invention of floppy disks and then came the CD’s, DVD’s, External Hard drives, USB drives…etc. Now the trend is cloud services to help use data whenever and wherever and top of all with extreme protection towards data loss or corruption.

Even amidst the challenge of reliability, control, and trust, the  Private and Public Cloud Secure Transfer Services are beginning to reveal themselves and will surely prove acceptable and user friendly in the coming years. As mentioned by one of our team mates during our group discussions – Switch (https://www.supernap.com/) has bridged this gap, by providing nearly unlimited mega watts for the housed client.

One of the 3 ways of cloud computing (mentioned below) based on the Organization and Individual will be the number one trend in limelight as we are already seeing a great demand in these areas.

  • SAAS: Software as a service
  • PAAS: Platform as a service
  • IAAS: Infrastructure as service

Data collection over the past decades since storing the data electronically had started has led to tons of data available. This has lead to the evolution of NOSQL type of databases, the emergence of Hadoop etc. Now the analytics field taking major prominence with organizations to work on 100% of the data available is leading towards cloud services to host and maintain the data.

The increased data gathering capabilities over decades has lead to make more and more data available making it more impractical than it currently is for organizations to host and maintain and make 100% of the data available for the data analytics team.  So organizations will continue to move their data to cloud-based providers who can quickly provide the appropriate resources for data storage and processing and availability. Though this has been a competitive trend every year, but with ever increasing capabilities provided by computing technology companies are finding it now more cost effective to have IT infrastructures in the cloud versus onsite. The issue of security is one area that prevents some companies fully investing in cloud computing.

More organizations are looking at ways to enhance their architecture that they are gravitating towards using the cloud for their operations.  Cloud computing allows users to spin up computer environments on demand using the clouds resources.  I believe here at Marquette we are utilizing some cloud storage space for some of our exchange accounts.

The facts like [1] “It’s a data land grab”, “Big companies go cloud in a big way”, “Cloud analytics helps IT”, “Moving data to the cloud gets closer to copy/paste”, “Hybrid cloud strategies get easier” are a great indicative of the growth and current state of cloud computing.

The Cloud Computing Trends: 2016 State of the Cloud Survey [2] state the below facts

–Significant Growth in Hybrid Cloud Adoption:  In the twelve months since the last State of the Cloud Survey, there has been a  strong growth in hybrid cloud adoption as public cloud users added private cloud resource pools. 77 percent of respondents are now adopting private cloud up from 63 percent last year. As a result, use of hybrid cloud environments has grown to 71 percent. In total, 95 percent of respondents are now using cloud up from 93 percent in 2015. [2]

–Hybrid Cloud Adoption Grew Significantly: Private cloud adoption increased from 63 percent to 77 percent, driving hybrid cloud adoption up from 58 percent to 71 percent year-over-year. [2]

–17 percent of enterprises now have more than 1,000 VMs in public cloud, up from 13 percent in 2015. [2]

–Private cloud showed even stronger growth with 31 percent of enterprises running more than 1,000 VMs, up from 22 percent in 2015. [2]

–Overall DevOps adoption rises from 66 to 74 percent, with enterprises reaching 81 percent. [2]

–VMware vSphere continues to lead with strong year-over-year growth. 44 percent of all respondents report they use it as a private cloud. [2]

–OpenStack and VMware vCloud Suite both show strong growth and remain tied at 19 percent adoption overall. [2]

Therefore, cloud computing will play a crucial role in computing.  Penetrating into the corporate and academic sides of today’s society, cloud computing is becoming more of an expectation and characteristic of many systems instead of being an additional feature. With the progression of the stability of cloud computing and the increase in security and encryption capability, cloud computing truly has the ability to evolve the computing industry for years to come.




[2] http://www.rightscale.com/blog/cloud-industry-insights/cloud-computing-trends-2016-state-cloud-survey



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