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The Internet of Things is going to change how we look at the world. May 7, 2016

Posted by Benjamin Beeman in 2016 Trends.

The internet of things ( IoT ) is one of many trends in the area of information technology.   IoT is the idea that anything and everything now has the potential to be connected to the Internet and provide some sort of data through some form of cloud infrastructure. Anything from a toaster, to an automobile, to a locomotive can now be a center of data production to feed the next revolution since the creation of the Internet.

The potential impact scope of the IoT over time is without measure. I perceive that in the next few years IoT will show signs of impact in the industrial and healthcare world. As industrial machines and processes are driving data to the cloud, data analyses will bring fourth new achievements in efficiency and product development. In the healthcare world as patient data becomes mobile and cumulative, new medical advancements will happen at a faster rate. Patients will be able to track there overall health and compare it will overall trends. Doctors will be able to collaborate more efficiently as the whole health picture becomes clearer. This can only happen with the right amount of data and analytics.

Big industries are taking the leading charge in this area of technology. General Electric is leading the way with the creation of its Industrial Internet. GE’s Industrial Internet is going to be the IoT for GE technology. It will be the driving force behind industrial analytics. They are currently rolling out Predix, which is GE’s cloud platform for the Industrial Internet. [1]

The IoT is going to be a big game changer in many areas for many years to come. New technologies are created all the time today. Many come and go, but the IoT is not just technology, it is a shift in the way we look at everything. My advice is, find an area that is of interest to you. See how applying the IoT could dramatically change how you think of it. Formulate a theory on how the IoT might positively affect it. Then get excited and dive in.


[1] “Hansel and Gretel.” GE Digital: Built for Industry. Built for Business Innovation. N.p., n.d. Web. 07 May 2016. <http://go.digital.ge.com/Predix-The-Industrial-Internet-Platform-Brief.html?utm_source=Google&utm_campaign=US_-_IOT_-_BM&utm_medium=ppc&utm_content=%2Bindustrial+%2Binternet&gclid=CjwKEAjwpLa5BRCTwcXS6_rpvC4SJACTDQMMYYq20fhCpENQ8DAJsvVW0ZkYhLdDQukPgyYU3J9pdBoCDjnw_wcB&gt;.



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