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Hybrid Cloud May 12, 2016

Posted by gorski77 in 2016 Trends.

The hybrid cloud approach is gaining attention and is starting to be widely used across the business landscape.  With this widespread adoption comes risks and benefits.  Although the cloud is still in its infancy, businesses are starting to realize the benefits of its uses for their business.  This is why the hybrid approach to the cloud is garnering so much attention for everyday business purposes.   Analyzing this upward trend of adoption to the hybrid approach will only solidify how businesses conduct business in the future.  By analyzing and doing further research on hybrid cloud adoption we can see the upward trend of hybrid cloud adoption effecting today’s business landscapes in a positive and negative way.  These effects can be seen as security issues as well as cost cuts for a business. Using the Diffusion of Innovations theory shows and proves that cloud adoption is rapidly changing the landscape of today’s businesses.

In the research done by Gartner titled “Predicts 2016: Cloud computing to Drive Digital Business, published 8 December 2015” it states how cloud computing will drive digital business in 2016.  Since the cloud trend isn’t going away anytime soon, Rightscale (leader in could portfolio Management) noticed this and catered its State of the Cloud Report to highlight the current trend in the cloud.  Using the Diffusion of Innovation theory will prove that the “tipping point” (the point where a trend catches fire) of this trend is here.

By understanding the tipping point you can see that change happens rather quickly when it comes to a social system or in this case the business landscape.  By understanding that the tipping point stems from the diffusion theory and the set of generalizations that are called the Mechanisms of Diffusion, you will better understand the widespread adoption of the hybrid cloud approach.  This is why the tipping point is crucial because once you are there, change is rather easy and quick.

In regards to Diffusion of Innovations, by Everett Rodgers (1995) he explains diffusion as a process where communication plays a part in innovation over time amongst members of a social system.  The interesting part of the diffusion theory is that innovation-decision relies heavily on other members of the societal system.  When it comes to a successful adoption of a trend people tend to see that it follows a S-curve.  Once 10-25% adoption of an innovation is reached next comes the rapid adoption by the rest of the people not on board with adoption.  People will adopt an innovation when it enhances one’s utility.  This is basically saying that the innovation must have an advantage over what they are accustomed to.




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Excellent article. I definitely appreciate this website. Keep it up!

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