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AI Present and Future November 28, 2016

Posted by Marquette MS Computing in AI Present and Future.

After studying the state of technology in AI and several of the issues regarding the implications of AI growth and success, students will supply their opinions about the current state and the future of AI here.



1. Tyler Leamon - December 5, 2016

What people do not realize about the use of AI today is that many jobs are in jeopardy of becoming obsolete, even with current AI technology. Earlier on in the year, minimum wage workers had been asking for wage increases due to the rising cost in living. Companies responded by granting the increase, but also finding ways to automate jobs that minimum wage workers would normally be tasked to do. Wendy’s was one of the first examples, announcing that minimum wage jobs would be replaced by self-ordering kiosks at a percentage of all Wendy’s locations [1]. Regardless of how many kiosks are installed, a successful integration would show many other companies the potential for making jobs obsolete due to automated systems.

Within the next months, many other businesses had been looking into replacing jobs with kiosk ordering systems. At the end of last month, the giant fast food chain McDonalds’s had announced that they as well were going to be switching to self-service kiosks [2]. The decision shows even more companies are considering the move to automated systems, increasing the amount of jobs affected by automated systems.

Self-service kiosks at grocery stores for scanning items have been around for a while, but Amazon has announced at iteration that makes the automated process even less reliant on human maintenance. An Amazon Go store simply allows a user to pick items off the shelf at a grocery store and then walk out without ever having to scan their items [3]. The support for automated systems is growing and human intervention is shrinking. With regards to AI replacing jobs for an online travel agency, Maelle Gavet said that “80% of customer interactions will be built without human interaction.” [4]

In another field, AI has also shown the ability to replace jobs done by lawyers. BakerHostetler has “hired” a robot lawyer name ROSS that aims to automate jobs that entry-level lawyers are tasked to do [5]. ROSS analyzes thousands of legal documents to support a firm’s cases. ROSS is even able to accept feedback on whether the information it finds is useful to the firm or not and then is able to teach itself to offer better suggestions. The use of ROSS proves that AI uses have the ability to replace jobs in multiple ways, automating jobs or remedial tasks being done by humans. AI automation is possible today and many different jobs in America have the potential to become obsolete. On one side making companies operate more efficiently is beneficial, but we need to be aware that the potential for this to happen is much higher and more feasible that some people think.

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