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AI in 30 Years December 4, 2016

Posted by Dawn Turzinski in AI Present and Future.

In 30 years; I would expect Artificial Intelligence to very deeply integrated in our daily lives. Now, Artificial Intelligence is defined as: Machines doing repetitive cognitive tasks by means of learning from humans. To understand this, you should understand where we have come from and what types of Intelligence there are and where we are going.  I recently read a blog that well summed up the different intelligence types/stages.

Assisted Intelligence is intelligence where humans are making the key decisions but being assisted by some sort of automation. [1] As we look back at our history of technology, we have seen that each technology has assisted us in some way.  For example; with the introduction of the computer, we were assisted with programs to help streamline our daily lives.   Automated Call centers have been around for a while and sometimes we get frustrated because sometimes they don’t understand your question, but they have assisted us with being routed effectively.

We have now moved to Augmented Intelligence is intelligence where humans and machines learn from each other that defines scope and complexity of intelligence. [1] What comes to mind is Siri. When you ask Siri a question she remembers what you asked.  For example, if you ask How old Mrs. Obama is she said Michelle Obama is…. Suri is learning from you.  Another example is your GPS.  You tell it the coordinates you want to get to and it responds with the best route for you.  It learns from you want you want.  I think we are going to be in this stage of Augmented Intelligence for some time, because we need to learn and so do the machines so we can effectively move to the next stage.

Autonomous Intelligence is when we are feeling comfortable with allowing AI to take over our decision for us. Most of us are familiar with the self-driving cars. As we see in this technology has advanced but it is not 100% there, where we still need human interaction to make major decisions.  For example, to change a lane in this driverless car? It doesn’t take into effect other cars around you and what they are doing.  This semester, I read an article that asked if your driverless car hit a pedestrian to save your life?  [2] Think about that question for a second.  It depends on different circumstances.   Now, what are your responses?  Those are your morals and values you were brought up with.  Now, how is a car to know what is the proper solution for you?  They don’t.  Unless we can build a computer/car that you can input your variables into. Then that computer can learn you and make the proper decisions for you.

In 30, years, I believe we are going to see that the Augmented and Assisted Intelligence are here to stay. Advances in these will pave the way for Autonomous Intelligence.  These intelligences are making us feel comfortable in our daily lives where we will see the autonomous take over.


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  2. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/06/24/technology/should-your-driverless-car-hit-a-pedestrian-to-save-your-life.html?


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