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What Most People Don’t Realize About AI December 6, 2016

Posted by sarahgraupman in AI Present and Future.

Artificial intelligence is often thought of as humanoid robots, self-driving cars, and complex algorithms developed by computer scientists riding Segways around google’s campus. And while these are valid archetypes of A.I., A.I. is much more ubiquitous and often simpler than these grandiose images.

Most people do not realize how often they use artificial intelligence in their everyday lives. Artificial intelligence is asking Siri the weather and spam filters on your email (Rao). It is autocomplete on Google’s search engine and personalized news feeds on Facebook. It’s difficult to imagine a life with artificial intelligence since it surrounds us in almost everything that we do.

And that’s the frightening part.

Artificial intelligence has great capabilities that could improve and save many lives. But it also has the power to destroy the world we live in. The ubiquity of A.I. has made it easy for new uses to computers to sneak into our lives without us even realizing so. People are becoming more and more accepting of computers involvement of their daily lives, which has allowed for exciting, rapid development of A.I. We need to be careful of this though. We need to “ensure that A.I. research is focused on benefiting people, not hurting them”(Markoff). And we are lucky that some of the leaders in the tech industry, such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, IBM, and Microsoft, agree with this sentiment and have taken action to create a standard of ethics for A.I. (Markoff).

Most people may not realize that it is our responsibility to make sure that everyone working with artificial intelligence adheres to ethical standards so that we can effectively and morally leverage the power of computers.

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