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Artificial Intelligence in 20 Years December 8, 2016

Posted by erictong10 in AI Present and Future.

In 20 years, I see Artificial Intelligence as an overall system that is highly integrated into our daily lives. With the continuous improvements in our technology’s capabilities and our trend of continuous growth in the computing field, Artificial Intelligence will continue to get stronger, safer and more reliable as time goes on. From our continuous use of Artificial Intelligence in more of an assisted intelligence role such as the manufacturing of vehicles to the integration of autonomous intelligence such as self-driving vehicles, Artificial Intelligence is and will continue to be products that help make our everyday lives easier and more efficient than it was in the past. Although I mentioned above that Artificial Intelligence will be highly integrated into our daily lives, there will still be portions of Artificial Intelligence that I believe will still need additional maturity and growth beyond the 20-year mark. The next few sections will provide a breakdown of three types of Artificial Intelligence (assisted, augmented and autonomous) as mentioned by Anand Rao of PwC and provide some insight in regards to the type of technology that will be integrated into our lives and what may still need some growth.

First with Assisted Intelligence, also known as Artificial Intelligence that replaces many of the repetitive and standardize task done by humans, will be one part of Artificial Intelligence that will be highly integrated in our daily lives especially in the industrial and consumer field. [2] For the industrial field especially with manufacturing, computerized systems are capable of performing labor-intensive jobs at a fraction of the cost. [3] Artificial Intelligence are able to perform more accurate movements and provide a safer environment for humans as the system takes away human interaction during more dangerous procedures during the manufacturing process. On the consumer side, many companies such as fast food chains are already replacing humans with self-order kiosk and/or companies such as Amazon are developing grocery stores without checkout, which just shows the beginning steps we as a society are taking in including assisted Artificial Intelligence in our daily lives. [4][5]

The next part of Artificial Intelligence to be highly integrated is augmented intelligence. Augmented Intelligence is known as when humans and machines learn from each other and redefine the breadth and depth of what they do together. [2] Products that fit within this category would be items such as Siri, Google Home, Amazon echo, etc. These types of products are currently in the integrating process as they are being introduce to many of the households throughout our society. The capabilities of this technology with the addition to technologies coming from other areas such smart houses can provide a convenient way to manage and adjust someone’s living quarters by  saying it’s “hot” or “cold” and having the machine learn the user’s preferences. This is something that is currently being introduced to many individuals and will continue to be a bigger part into everyone’s lives as time moves on.

The last type of Artificial Intelligence will be Autonomous Intelligence where the system is capable of adapting and learning in a continuous manner without the need of humans in making appropriate decisions. [2] Items that fit within this type of Artificial Intelligence are self-driving cars, autonomous aircrafts, autonomous robotic surgery, etc. This portion of Artificial Intelligence is where I see some of this type of technology being available as other products may need additional growth and effort. Products that I see available would be products such as self-driving cars and aircrafts. We can already see some introduction of this type of technology shown in self-parking cars, which will continue to progress into fully self-driving cars in the future with the current research being completed by companies such as Google. [5] The products that I see that may still need additional time to mature are products such as robotic surgery. At the moment, a lot of the testing has been completed on non-human procedures (mainly with stitching) with about a 40% success rate without the need of humans to intervene. [6] With such a delicate process, rigorous regulations that need to be followed and further testing that need to be complete, this technology still has a lot of maturity but has begun showing signs of improvement and usefulness as the precision of robots provides an effective attribute in surgery.

Overall, Artificial Intelligence will have a huge impact in our daily lives over the next 20 years. From making our lives more convenient to putting humans in a safer environment, Artificial Intelligence will continue to prove its effectiveness in our daily lives. The development of autonomous intelligence will be an interesting concept to follow in the future as the development of these products can help create new opportunities that we as a society may have never thought of.


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