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AI Present and Future December 9, 2016

Posted by Justin in AI Present and Future.

As a citizen of the world, I have a few things to talk about in regards to artificial intelligence and its potential usages that we currently are taking it for granted. Nowadays, artificial intelligence is so common in our daily operation and lives that often times we don’t even realize we are using it. It has almost gotten to a point where artificial intelligence where we as humans get so used to some of the functions and convenience artificial intelligence provides us that we no longer care as we believe it has become the norm.

However, there are still a lot of things that we should be cautious about moving forward with researches and manufacturing of artificial intelligence products. For example, the original idea of funding robots was that we want to create something that will make our lives easier. Though the original intend was to improve living quality of our day to day lives, there are so many robots-like products that doesn’t serve that purpose. Recently there has been researches talking about we need to make robots more natural, where it behaves and thinks more like a human.

In my opinion, that is a waste of research effort and waste of public funding, considering the fact that it contributes little to making the daily operations easier for us. The primary reasons why we invest in artificial intelligence is because we had a vision that artificial intelligence has more capabilities than us in solving complex problems and making accurate predictions of what is to come in the near future based on the existing data. However, we have steered out of the rail because the robots that are being made now does not contribute any solution, all that it is doing is to make humans feel that robots are more friendly and also have emotions that they may express. Further, the primary functions of these robots are no greater than phone assistants like Siri and Cortana, though they do possess emotions, but the overall efficiency and practicality of these robotics products are still minimal [1] .

In addition, I understand that the majority of the people wants to have autonomous vehicles operated by artificial intelligence. However, I will need to caution the world against that idea. The reasons being autonomous vehicle currently do not have the ability to distinguish what is morally right form what is not. It is debatable whether or not the advancements in technology will ever be able to solve the moral issues that humans are capable of judging based on the circumstances. In theory autonomous vehicles will be safe and secure for all users to enjoy the worry free ride without any concerns. However, in addition to the failure to make the right judgement for moral issues, we need to also consider the potential risks of malicious users trying to compromise the primary functions of the autonomous vehicle. Though cyber security risks and threats may seem unlikely to happen, but researchers should not overlook the potential threats and risks in this because eventually there will be a time where artificial intelligence is fully integrated into our day to day lives. If cyber security defense systems fails, the vehicle gets compromised while the passengers do not have the ability to take over control, then it is very likely that the likelihood of road incidents will increase dramatically if a malicious user has the knowledge and the skills to compromise autonomous vehicles.  [2][3]

Despite the concerns and belief that we should approach artificial intelligence with caution on some aspects of things, I still support the tools that we have access to that are categorized under assistant AI and augmented AI. The future ahead seems promising for humans to integrate these types of robotics products to help solve tedious problems and improve life quality for individuals on a daily basis. I believe these types of artificial intelligence is the type that should receive public support and funding as they are very practical and does make a different in our lives by eliminating basic and repetitive tasks from our to-do lists. In addition to assistant and augmented artificial intelligence, I also support autonomous artificial intelligence if they are used for analyzing complex problems and providing researchers with potential solutions at a faster rate to help human race improve in the field of technology. [4]




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