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What AI holds in next 30 years December 18, 2016

Posted by golamhasan in AI Present and Future.

A couple of decades ago, artificial intelligence was science fiction, today in 2016 the progress in AI gives up high hopes about the future. In 30 years, I expect AI being used the most in the following fields, medical science, automobile and research in exploring the outer space. Robots would be used in providing health care for elderly persons, and patients with terminal diseases. Patient treatment would improve manifold. Advanced operating techniques would be possible with the better medical imaging procedures.

In the transportation sector, AI will play a huge role. We are already seeing cars and transportation being run by Artificial intelligence. But in future it can be expanded into many features. We can expect to see stuffs like traffic accidents analysis, integrated-driver-vehicle-system, visualization which will show other driver’s intentions and cooperation between driver and vehicle in automated mode. But these will require improved vehicle situational awareness in complex traffic scenarios. For that vehicles need to have better sensor hardware and software to have better behavior models.

Another field of advancement in AI is the research in space and automatics. AI not only enables us to improve projection and calculations, it allows us pin point the pitfalls and avoid it. With the implementation of machine learning the augmented reality is on my palms now. The success of Elon Musk’s initiative to explore Mars is on the horizon. In three decades to come, I anticipate that the space exploration will not be limited to Mars, rather extend to outer space beyond our solar system.

I believe in 30 years to come, cure to diseases and cutting edge effective diagnosis, space exploration and self driving cars on the street will be made available for every citizen of the world. However, to reach that goal, an effective plan and framework must be adopted along with a lot of continuous research. Of course the main field of AI are the technological advancement in improved machine vision and situational assessment.


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