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Machine Learning Impacting our Future Lifestyle May 10, 2017

Posted by banabithibose in Machine Learning.
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We are living in the age where many of our tasks are intelligently handled by powerful machines. We have already seen how the repeating tasks are replaced by machine. Now we are in the age when the machines are actually thinking. Machines are developing not to follow the orders rather thinking which one to follow. Machine learning gained much hype during the 60s and 70s with the advent of computers. Many of our forefathers thought that machine will completely take up human jobs. But that hype fails to keep up the expectation because there is limitation of the processing capabilities at that time. Our knowledge of the computer was little. But in current times we have gained knowledge and access to several high computing devices. Starting from Super computers, graphical processing units, cloud computing, neural networks, smart phones we actually believe that the hype raised 4 decades back will come true. It’s no longer a hype anymore and soon to become a reality.

We have already started to experience some of the benefits of machine learning. Face & Voice recognition enables us to develop translating tools which is closing down the barriers between different languages. These tools are now available to the masses which mean that large scale computing is not much expensive anymore. Our lifestyles are already getting changed with the introduction of smart devices which not only do their job but also able to think what they are doing.

Large scale unsupervised learning whereby machine starts learning based on its past experience are now possible as we have got graphical processing units to perform large computing within small period of time. In some cases supervised or semi supervised learning with test datasets are enabling learning much faster. Several researches in these fields have enabled scientists to tap the full potential of machine learning.

With machine learning in full bloom we should be seeing many changes in the future near and far. One of the major impacts will be coming in the field of healthcare. This is the field where we have huge amount of past data to diagnose any future disease. We need to utilize this data in more efficient way to make effective decisions. Currently we fed our critical data to the machine to determine the metabolic issue. This will get extrapolated to getting advice on critical disease from the machines.

Another foreseeable change will come in the automobile industry. With the advent to self-driven cars we will have fewer losses from roads and more reliable mechanism for transportation. Our future generation will have cars which can drive safely without learning to drive and reducing hazards.

Machine learning will come to a full circle when the smart devices will begin communicating with each other. We already control some of these devices from our phones. If the machine starts to communicate then the controlling will be centrally and efficiently managed. Our lifestyle will change when we do not have to do the boring repetitive household chores. Instead we will get more time to spend with families and can prosper more intelligently.

But with all being good we need to understand that this is a giant which always need to be tamed for the benefit of mankind. If it is unleashed and it fells in the wrong hand it can create havoc. We need to take utmost care in making it the most secured mechanism to save our beautiful world.



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