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Machine Learning — The Leader of Future May 10, 2017

Posted by imrbks in Machine Learning.

Machine Learning is a multidisciplinary interdisciplinary subject, including the most common statistics, approximation, and algorithm complexity analysis theory, as well as some issues related to the biological science. The most common artificial neural network mimics various types of neurons and connections that modeled as the functioning of the human brain. Another algorithm is a genetic algorithm that simulation of gene mutation process.

Machine learning mainly studied how the computer would model and to achieve the same way as human to learn and to think; the algorithm has the feedback mechanism of new problem in order to optimize their own knowledge has been learned. However, the artificial intelligence algorithm will vary depend on the quality of machine learning algorithm selection and development; thus, there are many software and hardware developers working on this field.

The way and effect of machine learning are critical to the development of mankind in the near future; at least, the high efficiency machine learning algorithm can replace repetitive labor work in some circumstances. Therefore, machine learning combining with artificial intelligence is still very promising in the future, especially in the era of big data, exposing around the huge amount of information, more and more human behavior-related and natural scientific-related data are recorded, such as the language, sound and videos from the social media, bio-informatics, weather and environmental data from the organization database, for the algorithm as a material to learn. In addition, some of the results produced by machine learning algorithm have been successfully applied in many areas, including data mining, natural language processing, etc.

A small mosquito in nature can fly freely – such efficient mechanism in the biological world is everywhere; however, human beings cannot create such a highly efficient machine. Although human have made some breakthroughs in the research on machine learning nowadays, we still did not reach the degree of artificial intelligence, and there are many problems that need to research and development; therefore, the future development is full of opportunities but challenges. Such as the development of the hardware architecture that boost the speed of machine learning algorithm. For example, NVIDIA, due to its unique architecture of hardware chips, is extremely talented in dealing with machine learning problems in parallel to achieve unbeatable speedup, which has become industry standard for machine learning. More models and algorithms are born to handle more and more complicated problems. I believe that with the development of machine learning, we will eventually achieve the artificial intelligence that will change the world in the future.

On the other hand, machine learning has become cheaper, easier, and come to every one of us – mathematics and algorithms are not necessary, most common algorithms are readily available, such as Microsoft Azure contains Machine Learning packages for developers to use and analyze database collected from customers. The same model is also simplified and appear as an AI package in different software such as SAS and MATLAB, etc.; Just few code is better than thousands of word. Besides, the machine learning engine comes to the smaller devices, such as smartphone and smart watch. For instance, Mito – an app for beauty when taking the photo [1]. Many smart phones can automatically beautify the user self-timer, but the Mito M8 smart self-timer technology goes further. It is not just a simple face recognition, but a portrait recognition technology. The former is to identify your gender, age, facial features, the latter can identify your body, contour, self-timer when the face of light and other dimensions, and then the depth of your skin color, hair and other information, which can be the overall shape of the user (Face and body information) to identify more accurate figure: for each user custom landscaping program, to achieve beautiful “thousands of people face”. More successful examples can be found here [2].

In sum, in the era of large data, the machine learning obtains a great growth, the importance of individual thinking will decrease. Machine learning is based on large data that summarize the regular events from human world, and it picks out valuable information from complicated data in order to produce deterministic results for the future.

[1] http://news.zol.com.cn/638/6387876.html

[2] http://www.ithome.com/html/next/290924.htm



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